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Xilog Writer Cad

Cad Cam designed for the creation of vectorial text based on system fonts and encoded for Xilog Plus. The produced code is in center line (tool center) therefore a cutter will be used like a "pen to write." The various fonts, inclusive those symbolic and ornamental ones can be freely downloaded from internet (eg., and once inserted inside the Windows Font directory, they will be available for machining with Xilog.

€ 350,00

Xilog Writer Cad Dongle Key Version

Same version as Xilog Writer Cad software licensing but with Hardware Dongle Key. Feel free to produce Xilog Code everywhere with your Dongle Key!

€ 450,00

Dongle key for Xilog Writer Cad

Add a Dongle Key to your Xilog Writer Cad actually software coded. Add ability to make Xilog Plus everywhere you want with your Dongle key for Xilog Writer Cad, and put yourself in safe in case of pc reformatting without losing any software license! (This product is reserved only to customers who have a copy of Xilog Writer Cad with Software protection)

€ 150,00